Segmented Press Brake Machine Molds

  1. The bending machine is a tool used to shape and process sheet metal. This tool is composed of various parts, and different molds are composed of different parts.
  2. It mainly achieves the processing of the shape of the object through changes in the physical state of the molded material. A tool used to turn blanks into parts of specific shapes and sizes under the pressure of a bending machine.
  3. The bending machine mold is divided into the upper mold and the lower mold of the bending machine, which are used for sheet metal stamping forming and separation. The mold for forming has a cavity, and the mold for separation has a cutting edge.
  4. When installing the bending machine mold, be sure to check the status of the equipment, and then follow the steps to install and debug. Pay attention to personal safety during debugging.
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