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We design, develop and product the CNC Sheet Metal Machine including press brake, shearing machine, power press and laser cutting machine…etc.


Process more sheet metal with our CNC sheet metal machines!

Compact and affordable, our CNC sheet metal processing machines save spaces . With user-friendly control, any end-user can handle machine operations with no hassle. Responsive to market demand, our solutions reduce labor costs for maximized production output.

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Excellent Production Leads To Superior Quality

MIHARMLE group is a professional CNC Sheet Metal Machine manufacturer and exporter. Our excellent production conditions are the best guarantee for the quality of our products.

  • ISO9001 Certified
  • 12 Manufacturing Facilities
  • 1,000,000 Square of Manufacturing Space
  • 750+ Customer Served Annually
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We Equip You With More Than Just CNC Sheet Metal Press Brake Machines

MIHARMLE helps our customers to meet industry challenges in a professional manner with excellent after-sales services. Our after-sales team provides you with technical support, engineering guidance and training services to improve the performance of your machines and the efficiency of your team.

Lifecycle Services

Enhance machine throughput with our life cycle services that provide comprehensive support focused on routine, preventive and emergency operations.

Technical Support

Available 24/7, our technical specialists meet increased demands by handling your concerns. When needed, we send our field service engineers to directly assist your shops

Engineering Service

Our engineers carefully examine every aspect of your operations to improve production. Reduce cycle time and parts costs with our custom solutions that increase overall output.

On-site Training

Optimizing your team’s capabilities, our classes focused on advanced machine tool systems, maintenance, and more. We base our training on specific skill sets handling recent challenges.

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Popular CNC Sheet Metal Machines

We manufacture all types of CNC Sheet Metal Machines, including Press Brake, Metal Shearing Machine, Power Press and Fiber Laser Cut Machine that assist in bolstering your production process.


Clients Case Shows

See how our CNC sheet metal machine products have helped our customers achieve their goals and aspirations. These are real examples of the success of our products and why you should join our family.


DA53T Hydraulic bending machine Sent To Romania


Hydraulic Bending Machine Sent To Singapore


500T4M Hydraulic Bending Machine To Saudi Arabia


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Export Countries


Factory Space



15 years

Industry Experience

About us

Now, For Tomorrow

MIHARMLE has several production lines and workshops in place to efficiently produce a range of CNC sheet metal machines including Press Brake and Laser Cutting Machine. High delivery efficiency reduces your waiting time.

about us

Our Team Memebers

We have a passionate team dedicated to providing exceptional  CNC Sheet Metal Press Brake Machine tool solutions to our customers. Our sales team is enthusiastic, adept at listening to customer needs, and offers personalized consulting and support.

Megan Liu

Market Manager

Naya Dai

Market Specalist

Cathy Cui

Market Specalist

Corrie Xu

Market Specalist


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