CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

MIHARMLE sells hydraulic press brake machines with different parameters. Allows for precise cutting and efficient production.

  • The design is flexible and can adapt to various material thicknesses.
  • Automation features to simplify production line operations and increase efficiency.
  • The machine comes with an optional CNC system.

DA53T Electro CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

DA53T Electro CNC Hydraulic Press Brake_cover picture
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DA58T CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Machine

DA58T Hydraulic Press Brake Bending Machine_cover picture
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DA66T Controller CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

DA66T Controller Hydraulic Press Brake_cover picture
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DA53T Electro Hydraulic Press Brake Machine

DA53T Electro Hydraulic Press Brake Machine_cover picture
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E21 Grey Electro NC Hydraulic Press Brake

E21 Grey Electro NC Hydraulic Press Brake_cover picture
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W-Gray CNC Synchronized Tandem Press Brake

W-Gray CNC Synchronized Tandem Press Brake_cover picture
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TP10S Electro Hydraulic Synchronous Press Brake

TP10S Electro Hydraulic Synchronous Press Brake_cover picture
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Orange WE67K Electro Servo CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

Orange WE67K Hydraulic Electro Servo Press Brake_cover picture
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    CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Manufacturer in China

    Miharmle has a 40,000 m² production plant. We have over 100 employees in engineering, production, and sales.

    We have passed ISO9001 for quality and CE for several products. We are also equipped with:

    • Advanced CNC milling machine
    • Largescale floor boring
    • Milling machine processing equipment, CNC horizontal machining center,
    • Five-axis machining centers
    • American Neway gantry machining center
    • Laser focus analyzer,
    • Ultra-high precision digital microscope
    • Other advanced processing and testing equipment
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    MIHARMLE hydraulic press brake workshop display

    Strong Production Capacity To Ensure The Supply Of Quality Products

    Miharmle has a 40,000 m² production plant and has more than 100 employees in engineering, production and sales. We have passed ISO9001 quality management system certification as well as CE certification for several products.

    We are also equipped with advanced CNC milling machine, largescale floor boring and milling machine processing equipment, CNC horizontal machining center, five axis machining centets, American Neway gantry machining center, laser focus analyzer, ultra-high precision digital microscope and other advanced processing and testing equipment.

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    CNC Machine Manufacturer_Floor boring

    The Most Durable Hydraulic Press Brake for Sale

    MIHARMLE hydraulic press brake machines have an all-steel welded frame and assembly workbench. They are precise and rigid.

    We design the main components using UGANSYSCAD 3D. We use finite element analysis and optimization to ensure the rack’s stability.

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    High Quality Accessories Of Our CNC hydraulic press brake

    hydraulic press brake machine_hydraulic system

    Hydraulic System

    Our Sheet Metal hydraulic press brake uses an integrated hydraulic control system. This system reduces the number of pipe connections. It makes the machine more reliable and easier to maintain.

    hydraulic press brake_Torque Synchronous Control System

    Torque Synchronous Control System

    The steel torsion bar synchronization system has a very simple structure but high accuracy. This structure highlights the effect of balancing motion during operation.

    hydraulic press brake_Press Barke Die and Punch

    Press Barke Punch & Die

    The standard top punch and multi-V bottom die can bend sheet metal of various thicknesses. More hydraulic press brake toolings can be selected as your practical use.

    Fast Clamp

    The fast clamp that comes with the standard equipment will help you replace the top punch quickly. This is convenient and time-saving.

    Why MIHARMLE Hydraulic Press Brakes?

    Working Principle

    • MIHARMLE mainly produces CNC, hydraulic, and servo bending machines.
    • Our main hot-selling CNC Electro Hydraulic Servo Press Brake Machines and NC Hydraulic Torsion axis press brake.

    Professional R&D team

    • The total number of machines we sold reached more than 1,000 units.
    • Our engineers have over 15 years of experience designing and conducting R&D for sheet metal equipment. They ensure that every piece of equipment we make and sell is professional and reliable.


    • We have long-term deals with over 300 factories worldwide. The total number of customers is over 800.
    • Now, we mainly export our products to over 50 countries. These include Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and South America.

    After-sales Service & Support

    • All our products and equipment enjoy a warranty service of no less than two years.
    • We provide each customer with one-on-one after-sales technical support services. If the customer has special needs, we can also provide remote debugging or on-site installation services, etc.

    How About The Hydraulic Press Brake Performance?

    Precision Bending

    Our sheet metal press brakes are engineered for precision. They can achieve accurate and consistent bending angles. This precision is essential for maintaining product quality and conformity.


    In the category of hydraulic press brake machines, our products are known for their versatility. They can work with various materials, including metals like steel, aluminum, and copper, regardless of thickness. This versatility enables a wide range of applications across different industries.

    Programmable Control

    Our CNC hydraulic press brakes are equipped with advanced programmable control systems. These systems let operators set exact bending angles and sizes. This makes for efficient, repeatable operations.

    High Productivity

    The machines are designed for fast and efficient bending. They are excellent at cutting production time and labor costs. They are built to boost productivity in manufacturing settings.


    We are committed to durability. This ensures that our hydraulic CNC press brake can handle heavy use in the industry. This durability minimizes maintenance costs and maximizes the equipment’s lifespan.


    We offer customization options to meet specific customer requirements. This flexibility allows for tailored solutions. We address unique bending needs and provide a personalized approach to our clients’ projects.

    CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Machine For Different Industries

    Automotive Industry

    These machines are integral in the manufacturing and assembly process of automobiles. 

    • Bending and shaping chassis parts 
    • Forming automobile bodies 
    • Fabricating internal structures such as dashboard frames 
    • Production of smaller parts like brackets and supports
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    Aerospace Industry 

    The aerospace industry has stringent standards for precision and quality. And It also relies on hydraulic press brakes. The creation of various parts for the plane requires exact bending and shaping. 

    • Manufacturing of airplane wings and fuselage sections
    • Fabrication of internal structural components
    • Forming of landing gear parts
    • Creation of smaller parts like brackets and mounts
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    Construction Industry

    In the construction industry, hydraulic press brakes are very important. Works use hydraulic press brakes to create structural elements of metal frames. And it also creates other parts required in building infrastructures.

    • Production of steel frames and structural supports
    • Fabrication of roofing and wall panels
    • Creating HVAC components
    • Shaping of gutter and drainage systems
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    Shipbuilding Industry

    Workers also used hydraulic CNC press brakes in the shipbuilding industry. They have the ability to handle heavy and large pieces of metal sheet. This makes them ideal for forming the hull and other components of a ship.

    • Bending and shaping large plates for ship hulls
    • Creating internal structures and supports
    • Fabricating parts for the ship’s propulsion system
    • Manufacturing of smaller parts like brackets and mounts
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    Manufacturing Sector

    In the broader manufacturing sector, CNC hydraulic press brakes have a myriad of uses. Many industries need to shape and bend metal for their products or parts. And they will find these machines valuable.

    • Forming metal cabinets and enclosures
    • Bending pipes and tubes
    • Creating metal furniture frames
    • Fabricating smaller components for various machines and equipment.
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    Leading intelligent equipment processing and manufacturing capabilities. Professional R&D Team. Cheap Price.

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