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CNC Hydraulic Shearing Machine

MIHARMLE CNC Hydraulic Shearing Machine combines advanced CNC technology and efficient hydraulic system to ensure precise cutting and improve production efficiency.

We offer two different types: gate shears and swing shears. Brake shear CNC hydraulic machines start at US$5,200, and swing shears start at US$5,500.

If you are looking for a good quality and cost-effective shearing machine, then MIHARMLE is the right choice for you.

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MIHARMLE hydraulic shearing machine for sale

Cutting Thickness of hydraulic shearing machine

Cutting Thickness

MIHARMLE sheet metal shearing machines can cut metal sheets of different thicknesses according to different models and specifications, usually between 0.5mm and 40mm.

Cutting Length of hydraulic shearing machine

Cutting Length

Our shears can usually meet cutting requirements of different lengths, generally between 2500mm and 12000mm.

Cutting Angle

An excellent shearing machine can accurately control the cutting angle, ensure the verticality of the cutting surface, and improve the processing accuracy of the workpiece.

Cutting Accuracy

The cutting accuracy of MIHARMLE shearing machine is usually within 0.1mm, which can meet the accuracy requirements of most metal plate cutting.

Advantages of hydraulic CNC shearing machine

  • Welded with steel plates, featuring hydraulic transmission, nitrogen cylinder for smooth return.
  • User-friendly operation, dependable performance, and an aesthetically pleasing design.
  • Signs for edge adjustment, allowing for quick and light adjustments with continuously variable transmission.
  • Lighting device in place, with the upper carrier travel continuously and variably adjustable.
  • Back gauge adopts E21S CNC, with low noise and high precision.
  • Fence type safety protection device.
  • Accumulator return is smooth and swift.
  • Manual adjustment of the blade gap ensures accuracy, speed, and convenience. The shear angle is adjustable to minimize plate distortion.
  • The motorized back gauge, equipped with a position display, enhances precision and convenience.
  • Rolling material support ball in order to minimize scuffing as well as friction resistance.
CNC hydraulic shearing machine-control system
CNC hydraulic shearing machine-blade clearance
CNC hydraulic shearing machine-front fence
CNC hydraulic shearing machine-front ball support

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FAQs about purchase metal shearing machines

Shearing Machine is a device used to cut metal sheets, usually used in sheet metal processing and metal processing.

Shearing capabilities vary by model, and our product line includes Shearing Machines with different shearing capabilities.

Shearing Machine is usually suitable for steel, aluminum, stainless steel and other metal materials.

Our equipment is equipped with advanced safety control systems and protective devices to ensure the safety of operators.

Maintenance requirements vary by model, but usually include regular lubrication, inspection and replacement of blades, oil, etc.

Our machines are all customized and shipped according to customer needs. They are not in stock. However, we boast a quick delivery turnaround and remarkably high production efficiency.

Yes, our Shearing Machine series are suitable for small batch and large-scale production and can meet different production needs.

You can submit an inquiry through our website message board or contact our sales executive directly for details.

Yes, we provide comprehensive after-sales service, including maintenance, training and remote support.

Four methods for adjusting the tool gap of shearing machines

1. Manual adjustment method

Manual adjustment method is a more common adjustment method. The specific operation method is to first open the protective cover of the shearing machine, loosen the tool adjustment screw, then use the tool adjustment caliper to measure the tool gap, adjust the tool gap by fine-tuning the screw, and finally tighten the tool adjustment screw.

2. Magnetic precision adjustment method

The magnetic precision adjustment method is suitable for some occasions with high precision requirements. The specific operation method is to attach a magnetic precision watch to the tool and adjust the position of the tool until the distance displayed on the watch just meets the requirements.

3. Gasket adjustment method

The gasket adjustment method is a simple but less accurate adjustment method. The specific method is to place gaskets of different thicknesses on the tool support plate and gradually increase or decrease the tool gap until the requirements are met.

4. Special adjustment method

Some machine models are equipped with special tool gap adjustment methods. For example, some shearing machine tools are adjusted through hydraulic devices. The specific method varies by machine model and needs to be operated according to the instructions.

Gate shearing machine vs swing shearing machine

1. Different movement modes:

The blade holder of the gate shearing machine moves up and down. It moves vertically relative to the lower blade to ensure shearing of the sheet. The distortion and deformation are small, the straightness is more accurate, and the precision is twice that of the swing shearing machine.

The swing-type shearing machine has an arc-shaped movement. The tool holder body of the swing shear is configured in an arc shape, utilizing the arc's points for contact to guarantee the straightness of the sheared material.

2. Different scope of application:

Brake shears have a wider range of use and are suitable for automobiles, tractors, vehicles, ships, electric vehicles, instruments and other industries. They are also applicable for elongating a variety of high-strength alloy plates.

Swing shears find application in procedures like stretching, bending, extrusion, and shaping of metal sheets in industries such as power, aviation, and others.

3. Different shearing angles:

The shear speed in the swing scissor holder is fixed, and the shearing angle remains constant without adjustments. The brake shear enables swift angle adjustments by manipulating the upper and lower strings of the hydraulic cylinder, controlling the oil volume within the cavity.

The increase in shear angle corresponds to an increase in shear thickness, while a decrease in shear angle results in accelerated shear speed, leading to higher efficiency and effectively minimizing plate bending.

Hydraulic shearing machine vs mechanical shearing machine

1. Working principle:

Hydraulic shearing machine is a device that uses a hydraulic system to drive working parts for cutting. Its principle is to use hydraulic oil pressure to drive the support table to slide up and down, thereby realizing the cutting operation of the upper and lower knives. The mechanical shearing machine uses a mechanical transmission system to perform cutting operations. Its principle is to drive the swing arm to move up and down to drive the blade to achieve cutting. There are essential differences in the principles of the two shearing machines.

2. Structure:

The structure of the hydraulic shearing machine is relatively complex and requires a hydraulic system to drive the working parts. Generally speaking, the body structure of a hydraulic shearing machine is relatively simple, and the cutting part mainly consists of a support table, an upper knife, and a lower knife. The structure of mechanical shearing machine is relatively simple

3. Performance:

The main features of hydraulic shearing machines are high cutting accuracy, wide application range and simple operation. The existence of the hydraulic system ensures high stability during the cutting process. The main advantages of mechanical shearing machines are their simple structure, low cost, and easy use and maintenance. However, because it only drives the blade through mechanical transmission, its accuracy is lower than that of hydraulic shears.