Hydraulic Bending Machine Shipped To The Middle East

April 15, 2024

Our bending machines are deeply loved by customers in the Middle East. Once you place an order, they will trust you for life. It has been completed in one month and is now being packaged and shipped.


DA53T 250T3200 Dual Machine Linkage Shipped To USA

March 24, 2024

This newly made dual-machine linkage is very beautiful. It is customized by customers in North America. The size and color are very novel. If you need it, please feel free to contact us for exclusive customization.

CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Shipped to Singapore for 130T4000

February 10, 2024

This is our old customer James from Singapore. This time their factory needs a 130T4000 bending machine. Orange is his favorite color, bright and youthful. Now our workers are doing packaging before shipment.

DA53T 160T3200 CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Shipped to Singapore

DA53T 160T3200 CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Shipped to Singapore

January 5, 2024

Our CNC hydraulic press brake machines are very popular in Asia. This is a customer from Singapore who placed an order for us. DA53T is also one of our best-selling machines.

DA53T Hydraulic bending machine Sent To Romania

August 22, 2023

This is one of our Google customers who needs a bending machine for his factory. I hope he will be satisfied when he receives the machine!

DA53T hydraulic press brake__china cnc press brake

Hydraulic Press Brake Machine Sent To Singapore

August 5, 2023

This is one of our Google customers. He is a businessman in Singapore. He needs a custom made red sheet metal bending machine.

500T4M Hydraulic Bending Machine To Saudi Arabia

July 25, 2023

This is one of our AliExpress customers. He is a businessman in Saudi Arabia. What he needs is a bending machine and a planer, and the delivery cycle is more than one month. anyway he is satisfied The best product is the best publicity!

Shearing machine sent to Saudi Arabia

July 3, 2023

A customer from Saudi Arabia contacted me on Alibaba. He needed a shearing machine. He said he prefers the red shearing machine in our catalog. I explained to him that the production cycle of this machine is relatively short, and he was very happy to place an order.

E21 Control System Bending Machine Sent To Bosnia And Herzegovina

June 6, 2023

This is an old customer of mine. We had a cooperation once. This time he found me directly when he needed a bending machine. After he paid for it, we arranged the production of the machine and shipped it to him today.

DA53T 4+1 Axis Bending Machine To Russia

DA53T 4+1 Axis Bending Machine To Russia

June 19, 2023

Last month, a Russian user contacted us and said that he needed an 80T1600mm bending machine. Since he was using it for himself, I finally recommended him a DA53T 4+1 axis bending machine. He was very satisfied and we made a deal soon.

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 6015 table 3000W to Iran

March 21, 2023

This customer from Iran contacted us through our website. Our customer service staff answered his questions about laser cutting machine in detail.


300T Press Brake and Gillotine Shears to Mexico

March 16, 2023

This customer from Mexico ordered two sheet metal processing machines from us at once. One is a press brake and the other is a plate shear.

Press brake machine&shear machine to Costa Rica

March 2, 2023

This customer from Costa Rica is ordering a machine from a Chinese manufacturer for the first time.