We Offer More Than Sheet Metal Working Machines.

MIHARMLE has a professional after-sales service team. Our sheet metal processing machines and supporting services can help you meet any challenge in the sheet metal industry.

MIHARMLE employs over 200 staff, including engineers, production workers, and sales staff. It is an important enterprise in China’s forging machinery industry.

Available 24/7, our technical specialists meet increased demands by handling your concerns.

When needed, we send our field service engineers to directly assist your shops.

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Debugging is also a very important part of after-sales service.

When customers receive the machine. Our technicians will assist with the product debugging process.

They will help customers set relevant parameters into the controller system according to product size.

Our engineers will ensure the machine is running well and all settings are correct.

MIHARMLE will offer user training for products. This includes installation, configuration, operation, and application demos. Training materials will also be provided.

We will train in machine safety procedures. Workers must follow safe procedures and wear required protection. Ensuring our customers correct and safe machine operation.

MIHARMLE follows the principle of “prevention first” in maintenance and troubleshooting.

We prioritize timely maintenance, using accurate spare parts and working hours. Respond quickly to user repair reports. Handle them promptly for normal equipment operation.

If machine parts are not damaged during warranty, we will send spare parts to the customer for free.

Otherwise, the customer needs to pay the relevant fees.

If the customer can’t solve the machine problem, our service center offers online service 24/7.