Les 10 premiers fabricants de machines à commande numérique en 2024


A CNC machine is an automated computer numerical control device designed to cut complex materials. A CNC machine cuts a part, like a plane piece, from a material based on an engineer’s design. However, CNC product manufacturers aim to achieve a specific price range.

Leading CNC Machine Manufacturers


Miharmle is one of the top manufacturers of CNC machines in China.

Located in Bowang District, Ma’anshan City, Anhui Province, our company enjoys convenient transportation access. Renowned as a premier supplier of sheet metal processing equipment in China, we are committed to excellence in our field. The company manufactures power presses, press brakes, laser cutting machines, and shearing machines,

Sheet metal processing machines manufactured by MIHARMLE are customizable according to client specifications. Attaining both reasonable prices and superior quality are essential objectives. It supplies products to more than 50 countries and regions. It includes Europe and the United States; MIHARMLE serves an international clientele. The organization utilizes ERP software management. It also offers a one-stop service.

2. Hardinge (USA)

Hardinge, founded in 1890 in Elmira, NY, is the fifth-largest CNC machine producer worldwide. The premises of this organization span an area of 815,000 square feet. Since 1900, the company sold metal cutting machines, precision tools, and reliable parts. The Hardinge CNC machine brand associates high-precision machining equipment with its ultra-precision products.

3. MAG (USA)

Based in Michigan, United States of America, MAG is a leading CNC machine supplier and CNC machine brand globally. This corporation incorporates many high-caliber control systems and CNC machine companies. MAG Group ranked sixth globally in machine tool output value, surpassing $1.5 billion.

MAG makes automation systems and machine tools. They offer custom machining solutions for clients in the durable products industry.

4. Shenyang Machine Tool Part Co., Ltd

Shenyang Machine Tool Part Co., Ltd. was established in 1993. It has become a significant player in the machine tool market.

Four enterprises merged to achieve this. This organization is well-known for its high-quality products. These products include horizontal lathes, horizontal milling, and vertical machining centers.

It operates as a secondary of the enormous Shenyang Machine Tool (Group) Co., Ltd. One of China CNC machining industries was established in 1933.

5. EMAG Group

Starting in 1867 in Germany, the EMAG Group is a pioneer and world leader in producing CNC reversed machine tools. EMAG makes CNC machines for industries like renewable energy, hydrocarbons, automotive, and machinery. Its products include inverted lathes and multifunctional production centers. Among the best CNC machine companies, It also manufactures tools for discs, shafts, and box-shaped components.

Taicang Branch of EMAG (China) Machinery Co., Ltd. They focus on custom services for CNC-turning high-performance centers. They also sell a range of machine tools for industries such as aerospace, oil and gas, and automotive parts.

6. Amada

Metalworking machinery manufacturer Amada Co., Ltd. was established in 1946 in Japan. Amada is a leading company specializing in cutting and shaping sheet metal and the best CNC machine production.

They produce press brakes, shears, CNC punch presses, and laser cutters. Various industries use these machines for metal fabrication. Customers know Amada for its high-quality and innovative products.

Amada has improved in market share, products, skills, and management. These characteristics demonstrate progress in the company. Amada has changed, including education, training, manufacturing, product development, design, and after-sales service. They have an extensive marketing system to support all this. Amada, a traded conglomerate, is committed to customer satisfaction and innovation.

7. Makino

Twenty-one years later, Tsunezo Makino founded his initial machining workshop in Tokyo, Japan.

Makino sells equipment and tools in Japan, China, South Korea, and Taiwan through its Tokyo headquarters. They offer mechanical solutions in these regions.

Makino is a leader in developing and innovating mechanical equipment and systems. The company has always faced coming challenges.

As of now, 41 countries or regions across the globe have purchased untamed products.

Makino makes machines for cutting metal and EDM, like machining centers and wire EDM machines. Customers worldwide know them for their quality and precision, and they are available for sale globally.

8. Haas (USA)

In 1983, Gene Haas established Haas Automation. It has become a prominent manufacturer and producer of CNC machines globally. Located in Oxnard, California, United States of America, the world’s production base spans over 100,000 square meters. 2006 Haas CNC machine tools achieved an annual production output exceeding 12,500 units.

9. Okuma (Japan)

Founded in 1898 in Oguchi, Aichi Prefecture, Japan, Okuma manufactured the best CNC machines. Servo motors are one type of factory automation tool that it sells. The largest manufacturer of machine tools in Japan, boasting a century of experience in the industry.

A Japanese company called Okuma Co., Ltd. makes CNC machine tools. More than a century ago, it commenced providing manufacturing services.

This company produces vertical and horizontal CNC grinders, turning centers, and CNC lathes. In 2006, 7,000 units were made, with half being exported. Sales totaled 170 billion yen, about USD 1.5 billion.

High rigidity, excellent cutting efficiency, accuracy, and long life are the characteristics that set Okuma products apart. Individuals around the globe have given positive feedback about its ease of use.

10. Trumpf (Germany)

In the world of industrial technology, Trumpf is a leading brand of CNC machines. Among the first in Germany to recognize Industry 4.0, it has existed since 1923. It’s a potent international high-tech firm.

The company’s headquarters are in Ditzingen, close to Stuttgart, Germany. TRUMPF Group is unrivaled in market share and technology. They make high-quality CNC and laser machines.

What Is the Importance of CNC?

Utilizing CNC machining in production is predicated, in part, on the principle of efficiency. Automation of key production systems and computer management of equipment speed up manufacturing. They also improve its quality. The precision of CNC machining is yet another advantage in the industrial sector.

CNC Machine FAQs

What is CNC Machining?

CNC machining follows computer-generated instructions. It is a subtractive process that removes material from raw stock. There are two types of CNC machines.

The first type keeps the cutting tool still while rotating the material. The second type moves the material against a stationary tool. Of course, many variations of these basic methods exist. Some tools use both to make parts with complicated shapes. For more information click here.

What Is A CNC Shearing Machine, And How Does It Work In Metal Fabrication?

A hydraulic system applies a shearing force to a metal sheet. It transforms it into the intended form. The shearing machine is a type of metal cutting machine. Programming the machine to execute precise cuts by design specifications. It enables CNC technology to help with exact and effective cutting.

To cleave the plate, a shearing machine employs one blade in responding to linear motion about the other blade.

After cutting, the machine should ensure the sheet is straight and parallel, cut deformation, and create high-quality workpieces.

The shearing machine’s upper blade is affixed to the knife receptacle, while the lower blade is attached to the worktable. The worktable is connected to a holding ball to prevent unintended scratches on the board during sliding. The plate positions using the rear gauge, and the motor adjusts the position.

Securing the sheet to the pressing cylinder prevents any movement that may occur during the shearing process.

Guardrails are safety features that keep workers from damaging themselves. Generally, the return journey is propelled by rapid nitrogen, which has minimal impact.

What Types of Materials Can a Shearing Machine Cut Effectively?

By cutting different shapes of metal using shear stress, the process separates them into separate pieces. You accomplish this with a punch and die, like how a paper punch operates. Circular or straight blades, resembling a pair of scissors, are permissible for the punch and die.

What Is A CNC Hydraulic Press Brake, And How Does It Differ From Traditional Press Brakes?

In manufacturing operations, a CNC hydraulic press brake is a vital component. These tools function by applying a particular bending force to metal sheets. The tonnage of the press brake determines the pressure applied to the metal sheet throughout the bending process. Bent heavier metals at higher tonnages, whereas thinner metals are best bent at lower tonnages. Consider the metal sheet’s bending length as well. A press brake machine turns cold metal plates into differently shaped geometric parts via a tool and dies.

What Are The Key Advantages Of Using A CNC Hydraulic Press Brake In Metal Bending And Forming Processes?

  • High Functional and Flexible:

A hydraulic press brake serves several purposes and offers excellent versatility. You can change a press brake for a variety of applications. This equipment uses cutting-edge technology to help you conserve energy.

Moreover, it also decreases operating expenses. It can accommodate a vast array of workpiece configurations.

  • Easy to Use:

A simple and intuitive interface enables the use of hydraulic press brakes. Operators adjust the back gauge on some machines to control how the material is pressed into the die.

  • High Accuracy:

Preciseness is a critical characteristic of hydraulic press brakes. A minor deviation has the potential to contaminate an entire stock of parts.

Improving precision can also save time. Its vertical loading ensures a brief assembly period. It can meet required bending angles while decreasing labour intensity.

  • Lifespan:

Hydraulic systems have an extended lifespan. Additionally, it required minimal maintenance.

Can A CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Be Programmed For Various Bending Angles And Complex Shapes?

Hydraulic press brake machines can manufacture metal sheets of various shapes and angles. Metal sheets can also be bent at a variety of angles. Upright hydraulic cylinders have linked the Y-axis to the lower die.


CNC machine companies invest in reputable CNC machine manufacturing. They do this to stay competitive in the current market. You can ensure your processes are successful and efficient in the long run by weighing your choices and choosing a partner you can trust.

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